Massive savings for YahClick Business satellite broadband subscribers in Tanzania

Yahsat is promoting its YahClick satellite broadband services in Tanzania by offering free facilities and installation services to business customers.


The promo applies to all YahClick Business service plans. Yahsat will provide and install the satellite equipment free of charge. All the subscribers need to pay for is the monthly subscription fee.

Mr. Shawkat Ahme, Chief Commercial Officer of Yahsat, explained that the Company’s YahClick high-speed Internet from satellite products have enjoyed a warm welcome in Tanzania. Thanks to this favorable position, Yahsat could now offer free satellite equipment and installation services to new business users who sign up to YahClick.

The subscription prices for YahClick business plans in Tanzania start at US $154 exclusive of local tax. The Yahsat satellite broadband service can deliver speeds between 1 Mbps and 15 Mbps depending on the plan. All business subscription plans come with free equipment and installation, which saves US $1,100.

According to Mr. Ahme, satellite broadband develops regional economies and helps individual and community consumers realize their goals. The promo will make it cheaper and easier for Tanzanian customers to obtain reliable and high-performance broadband.

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